Wednesday, January 18, 2006

From a fellow choreographer's chair

As educators we've been choreographing the performance in our classrooms for years. As I look back I've found that my classroom, like some dance ballets, took on a different look and sound. I wonder what choreography works best for today's world, today's learner, and today's classroom?

Do these resources provide food for thought, impetus for a new ballet for teaching and learning? Is there even reason to take time to consider the potential of this new ballet? Review one of the resources below and consider the quotes.

  1. Food for Thought
  2. It's not about technology
  3. 21rst Century Skills
  4. Horizontal classrooms
  5. Fearless learners, fearful schools
  6. Information is a Science
  7. A story within a story The link to EPIC in this reading is now down. You may view the EPIC video after reading "A Story within a Story" by clicking on this link.

Two quotes for thought and reflection. I wonder how these resonate with you and if you see a connection to learning and what we do with learners in our classrooms?

"Individuals must, and can, now ask, Where do I fit into the global conversation, and opportunities of the day, and how can I, on my own, collaborate with others globally?" from Friedman's "The World is Flat", page 10

We are about the conversation. As people, consumers, citizens, teacher, learners, dealers with the everyday, and ultimately the responsible -- we can and should join in the great conversation. Kindergarten through retirement. from Warlick's "Classroom Blogging", page 169

You'll spend a bit of time sharing thoughts and reflections with the group on these ideas. Before the group discussion, join the conversation in the "blogosphere" now! For you'll discover, if you didn't know already, that blogging is about community and conversation. Use these questions to guide your post:

Do you see a need for a new ballet for teaching and learning? Is there even reason to take time to consider the potential of this new ballet? What resonated with you as you were reading?

Create your post in your very own blog. Click on the window in your task bar that takes you, not to your published blog, but to your "Dashboard" or editing page. Click on posting, click on create, add a title and then your thoughts. Then click on publish post.

When you're finished, return to the Blogging Ballet to view the blogs of your colleagues from the sidebar. Comment on what they have written. Hmm, I wonder is commenting in blogs a social process building of community?

I hope you'll keep in mind the ideas of community, conversation, and choreography as we work together to learn what we can about blogging in the K12 classroom!

Click on this link to reach Act I: "The Props" or click on the "Act I: The Props" link under the links title at the right to continue following our conversation..


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